当社は、お問い合わせなどを通じて、 お客様から提供された個人情報を管理しています。

Personal information refers to personal information that can identify or identified by a specific individual, such as an address, name, phone number, or email address.
Our site does not collect information that can identify individuals other than the information we are responsible for contacting customers, such as inquiries.
■Purpose of personal information use

Company uses the collected personal information for the purposes below.

  1. Response to inquiries, consultations, etc.
  2. Response to job entries
We take care of your personal information so that you can use it with confidence and care as below.
  1. Practice of Personal Information Protection Act
    We comply with the laws and guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Act, etc. and make efforts to implement them.
  2. Security
    Customer's personal information is managed in an environment where security measures are taken to prevent loss, manipulation, leakage, or illegal access.
  3. Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information
    If there is a request for the commencement, correction or deletion of personal information from the client, we will check your identity according to the procedure and respond rationally and promptly.
  4. About disclose personal information
    The personal information will not be provided to third parties except with the consent of the customer. However, in the following cases, personal information may be disclosed to the minimum extent necessary.
    • With customer consent
    • Requested for disclosure is made by law, etc.
  5. Compliance and review of laws and regulations
    Our company complies with Japanese laws and regulations and other norms applicable to personal information held, and at the same time, review the contents of this policy as appropriate to make improvements.
  6. Personal information handling inquiries
    For inquiries regarding handling of personal information, please contact us as follows.