Continue the animation as a game, Continue the game as an animation, Realize animation in vivid Live.
And more
Experience high-end in real time

Our strength is the know-how and environment in which
3DCG animation production using real-time rendering is carried out in one-way

Using Motion Capture Studio and game engines, we suggest developing and operating new contents.

アミネワークス サービス
Our Service
  • 3DCG animation

    Free-rendering/Real-Time(Reanimation) From 2D cell-shade look to photo-real style, all are produced according to the desired shape.
  • VR Animation

    In real-time(Reanimation) CG production, we provide a new device-linked story experience that allows you to continue to experience the story through VR with the visual in a video.
  • Virtual Artist / Influencer

    We deliver high-end visuals to users in real time, enabling new hands-on live content to provide viewing live and other user experiences.
    In addition, by using a virtual set, live production pursue a live experience quality much more than the real space.
  • VFX/Movie/Post-production

    Led by our experienced VFX supervisor, we are focusing on CG synthesis, post-production of Full CG's Shot work using AfterEffects/NUKE, and live-action movies, etc.
    In addition, the director and the production team holding concurrent position on compositor have a system in which they can direct the composition of PV, MV, and CM.
  • Motion Capture

    We're putting new equipment into the capture studio that ORENDA has.Facial finger capture became possible. ORENDA office is equipped with a voice recording system to provide a one-stop system for live entertainment as a group. Moreover, by connecting the virtual camera with the game engine, it is possible to take a shot on real time, enabling efficient video production, including the sound verification process.
  • CG Design

    For heart-moving design,Plan and suggest a fascinating content design.


Total Management


We're not just video production providing technology. We understand what the customer wants to express, what the background is, and how to implement it with technology and creativity then propose the best.

With experienced representatives of production directing, the combination of optimal planning and best technology provides high CS service.

Animation and games can be developed simultaneously within our group, from planning to production. Multiple-manageable video and game-specific assets can be managed one-control and enable the overall production cost reduction.



In Media mixing, which uses CG such as Games and animation of Contents, development of budget, workflow, and dedicated tools are needed at the production site, so the method and appearance of making them is different.

So, we define the animation work created using Game Engine as "Reanimation." We are developing a structure called "Reanimation Pipeline(called REAP)." a framework, which is Real Time Animation Pipeline System, that applies Game Engine to the video production Pipeline, towards completion in early 2021.Once completed, graphic unification for media-mixing will be promoted, game and animation will cross over, and a new response will be possible to link story in two directions. By expanding the possibilities of media-mixing, new services can be provided to customers. Please look forward to it.